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Citerne transport sanitaire

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Choice of capacity and compartments depending on the transporter’s needs.

  • Mounted on truck chassis provided by the customer.
  • Available with or without a cabinet.


Spécifications techniques
Pression / températureAtmospheric 180 ° F
Nombre de compartimentOne
Capacité3 500 IG
Réservoir interneT 304 stainless steel – 2B Finish
HeadT 304 stainless steel – 2B Finish
Spécifications techniques (suite)
Reinforcing ringStainless steel top hat section, fully welded on barrel
InsulationHigh density styrofoam 3" thickness, heads and underside with fiberglass
FrameT304 stainless steel with boxed cross members/outriggers
Outer shellPrebuff
Outer headFront: T304 stainless steel - #4 finish – lockformed Rear: T304 stainless steel - #4 finish - lockformed
ManholeBetts 20” opening with Buna gasket and vent
Vent3” npt half nipple
Ladder1” stainless steel tubing with platforms steps and catwalk