Pétrole brute / éthanol - DOT/TC 407 - Monté sur camion

Pétrole brut / Éthanol - Acier

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Standard capacity of 22 000 L, 16 000 L front compartment, 6 000 L rear compartment, round.


Spécifications techniques
VesselTwo compartment 22 000 L (16 000 L front – 6 000 L rear)
Compartments are pressure equalized, divider only – common venting 316/316L, 3/16” 2B
Two full chemical type 316/316L – ¼” HRAP
Betts 8310LCX
3” cleanouts with solid caps for access beyond baffles
StructureStainless steel internal flat bar stiffeners – fully welded to tank
Stainles steel crossmembers and outrigger,s stainless steel sills
Full length for truckmount extended height sills to contain all piping
1” x 3” rubber sill cushion
Spécifications techniques (suite)
EquipmentStainless steel insulated cabinets on back side
4” x 4” Betts air operated stainless steel emergency valves
4” air open-spring close keystone butterfly valves
Air controls for outlet and vapor valves
Fort Vale pressure relief
3’’ vapor line from each compartment with air open-spring close valve
Fittings for Titan level gauge
4” TEE pump with hydraulic motor and controls
Running gearMounting on chassis NOT INCLUDED
AccessoriesInsulated stainless steel front cabinet with two doors
Aluminum or Stainless Steel Handrails
Aluminum/Stainless Steel Catwalk
Placard holderLabel master aluminum slide-in