Pétrole brut / éthanol - TC 406 - Monté sur camion

Pétrole brut / Éthanol - Aluminium

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Spécifications techniques
VesselTwo compartment 22000 L (16000 L front – 6000 L rear)
Compartments are pressure equalized, divider only – common venting
Aluminum 5454H32
Betts 8310 LCX
10” cleanouts for access beyond baffles
StructureAluminum external channel rings – fully welded to tank
Aluminum crossmembes and outriggers, heavy duty aluminum sills
Full length for truckmount extended height sills to contain all piping
1” x 4” rubber sill cushion
Spécifications techniques (suite)
EquipmentAluminum insulated front cabinet with two doors, one driver’s side and one curbside.
4” air open-spring close keystone butterfly valves
Air controls for outlet and vapor valves
Fort Vale pressure relief
3’’ vapor line from each compartment with air open-spring close valve
Fittings for Titan level gauge
4” TEE pump with hydraulic motor and controls
Running gearMounting on chassis NOT INCLUDED
AccessoriesPlacard holders: label master aluminum slide-in
Tnemec 66 lining
Aluminum or Stainless Steel Handrails
Aluminum/Stainless Steel Catwalk
Placard HolderLabel Master aluminum slide-in