Tremcar West Will Set Up a Propane Tank Truck Assembly Line in Weyburn Facility


Press release
Weyburn, SK, September 7, 2018

It is with great satisfaction and highlighted by great news that Tremcar West celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary in Saskatchewan last Thursday September 6th. The venture out West started in Weyburn 10 years ago. Our first service centre opened its doors in Evanston park, in the municipality of Weyburn, to service the crude oil industry. With the help of local people including the mayor and MLA member, now Minister of the environment and energy sector, Honourable Dustin Duncan participated in Tremcar West’s establishment in 2008. Owner and president of Tremcar West, Jacques Tremblay though the occasion was perfect to make an expansion announcement!

Customers and friends were gathered for the event, a little more than 50 people attended the event including the Mayor of Weyburn, Marcel Roy and Honourable Dustin Duncan invited as the guest speaker. It was during his introductory speech that Mr. Jacques Tremblay made a big announcement. “The Weyburn service facility will have an additional vocation, assemble propane tank trucks. Considering the potential of the facility and the great team in place, the Tremblay family decided it was time to optimize space and set up an assembly line that will generate 15 jobs short term and a lot more in the long term. A first investment of 500 000 $ will be injected by Tremcar West for equipment and training. This is great news for the small municipality of Weyburn that has had a difficult 4 years with the oil production being down.

Tremcar West has three service facilities out West, in Weyburn, Saskatoon and Edmonton. The facilities provide tank truck and tank trailer services for the crude oil, petroleum, vacuum units and more. Tremcar West is here to stay and the announcement to invest in a new assembly line in Weyburn, Saskatchewan confirms the company’s engagement to stay out West for the long-term.

On the picture you will recognized Jacques Tremblay and Honourable Dustin Duncan.