Tremcar side man-hole bulk tanker is now recognized in the States of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York

The Tremcar side man-hole milk tanker, built to answer Agri mark’s security issues for its haulers and operators was inspected at its West Springfield milk plant. State agricultural regulatory agents from the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York inspected the unit last August to assure it complied to all sanitary regulations. It was important for Agri-Mark and Tremcar that the unit fulfilled all sanitary recommendations to purse its’ operations. The results of the inspection came out rapidly. New York’s Department of Agriculture and Markets issued a letter recognizing that the Tremcar milk tanker met all proper sanitary obligations last August 23, 2016.

Tremcar Assures the Highest Quality Milk

State Sanitary regulations most often exceed 3-A recommendations. Rigorous sanitary regulations are there to assure the upmost cleanliness of the milk tank. Inspection from ground level is much easier for anyone wanting to make sure the tank is perfectly clean for every load of milk transported. With this type of milk tank, we have had no cleaning issues. It is simple to inspect, all we have to do is look through the side man hole with a flashlight and we can see every corner and any possible shadowing. Inspection takes less than 3 minutes and we are ready to send it off to its’ next load. – Robert Gilchrist, Agri-Mark Co-op (newly retired). The highest quality milk is thus assured with a 99.9% risk free of refusal at the processing plant.

Tremcar technicians have designed the unit following all 3-A recommendations at the exception of having the manhole on the side as opposed to the top. Tremcar officials are hopeful the 3-A committee will recognized the unit as being 3-A very soon.

Meets OSHA Safety Regulations

The unit sparked a lot of interest in the milk industry., Dean Foods and Agropur officials came to the West Springfield milk plant to see the tanker in action. Everyone is unanimous, this tank is the safest to work with in the industry! Imagine not having to climb up on a milk tanker. Imagine building or renovating milk receiving facilities without investing in cat walks and harnesses! This tank will help milk haulers and milk plants comply with OSHA safety regulations.

Other states are following New York’s footsteps in recognizing the importance of providing a secure working environment just as it is important to have safe clean units carrying out essential commodities like milk across America. Tremcar salutes the states’ open-mindedness in recognizing the innovative initiative taken by themselves and Agri-Mark.