Highlighting Customer Success With TD Smith


TD Smith Transport was established in 1946 and has grown to become one of Ontario’s largest family
owned and operated transportation businesses.

Up until 1974 TD Smith hauled dry bulk end dumps servicing the whole province of Ontario transporting
road salt from mines and piers to the Highway sheds with up to 175 units. In the summer they would
service the Industrial world with aggregates by Mr. Thomas Douglas Smith.

T D Smith then entered the liquid tank world in 1979 from Toronto, transporting liquid food and
chemical throughout Canada and the United States where Thomas’s son Michael Smith currently President and owner joined his Father. Michael has been around and active in the transport business all his life when not in school and today T D Smith Trsp. operates under those same principals always putting any excess moneyback into the company for betterment. The company highly respect their personnel and equipment that they operate by working to eliminate downtime and ensure safety on the road. They rue modern state of the art equipment to service their customers with the upmost professionalism wanting them to be very proud of their service and dedication considering them our partners.

Since 1990 the company acquired a relationship with Tremcar and the Tremblay Family acknowledging within a very short time they operate under the same principals as us and deal directly with us ensuring our satisfaction on an ongoing basis asking for our input to ensure satisfaction even as big as they are today.
“Tremcar units are lightweight, strong, they have structural integrity.” Says Michael Smith. “We like the fact that they are custom built to our application and we have a privileged relationship with the owners hard to find nowadays.” Equipment being an important part of the liquid hauling industry the owner finds that Tremcar units hold their value much longer. “The quality of the workmanship and the quality of the materials used to building these units are evident.”
TD Smith dispatches and maintains over 100 owner operators they consider family with some in 2019 working with them 30 years. The company purchased 18 company owned tractors through Currie Truck Sales another family business considered a partner, working closely with TD Smith to help ensure service to their customers. They are committed to Environmental Protection by reducing their carbon footprint.
T D Smith Trsp. does not compete with their owner operators but more so helps them with the ELD
regulations get the best out of a day to eliminate down-time for the Highway Operators and eliminate
additional major costs for them suppling their units with the stainless pumps required and other equipment for some of their delivery requirements. Currently T D Smith Trsp. operates 250 liquid tanks of which 88 % of them purchased new from Tremcar. 77% being 6,000 imp gal tandems and 23% 10,000 imp gal Quads servicing specialized Beverage and Foodgrade Customers throughout North America.

In 2005 TD Smith built a Kosher Foodgrade Wash Facility at the Mt. Forest terminal. It is governed by
JPA, various Foodgrade customers and Kosher Council. We also utilize certain outside governed wash
facilities when needed across North America. 21% of their fleet is composed of chemical coded vessels serving non Foodgrade Customers with oils, fuels, waxes, syrups etc. they are washed at audited outside wash facilities who we also consider our partners.
From their operations manager Mr. Dennis Black who has been with T D Smith for almost 25 years, to their long-time dedicated dispatch group of six, the Smith are dedicated to team work. Michael’s wife Donna and Daughter Shauna work with the administration team of eight including the safety and auditing department. The shop facility hires four long-time mechanics and the Food Grade Wash facility hires four long-time wash technicians all managed by Michael’s son Tyler Smith. Tyler also drive’s truck which helps service the last-minute requests.

T D Smith Trsp. Is very active in Community having received distinctions, appreciation awards as well the Corporate Citizen of The Year supporting their local hospital, minor sports, church assoc., fire
dept, cancer research etc. In midst of pursuing a building home across the road from their facility in Mount Forest, the idea is to make their operators feel at home when doing an hour reset and enable them to just stuck around and benefit from the accommodations of a real home.

Tremcar is proud to partner with such a dynamic and professional company. Dedicated to service TD Smith the best way we can, we wish the Smith long-term success!