Boston Steel, a Division of Tremcar USA

Tremcar USA, Inc. is a family owned tank manufacturer that has established its US head office in Strasburg, Ohio since 2004. The office manages two plants (Strasburg and Dover) thus producing aluminum tanker trailers for the transport of ethanol, vacuum tankers for the transport of waste matter for recycling, tanker trailers for crude oil and heavy oil products. Recently, Tremcar has expanded its production line to produce Dry Bulk tankers to carry cement. Furthermore, our Strasburg plant produces lots of suspension boogies and other parts for our Canadian Tremcar plants.

For the last 15 years, Tremcar has expanded its operations in the US to accommodate the market in terms of warranty service and more. Tremcar offers repair services, leasing, certification HM-183 and testing.

Boston Steel was purchased by Tremcar in March of 2014. Tremcar and Boston Steel & Mfg. Co.’s fusion is often referred to as a partnership; collaborating to maintain Boston Steel’s speciality and expand to offer different tank services related to the petroleum business.

Boston Steel, a Tremcar USA division, has moved its facility to Haverhill Massachusetts to pursue its activities and extend its operations to respond to a greater demand in sales and services.
New services

The idea to move Boston Steel from Malden to Haverhill was to optimize its production capabilities, as well as offer a wider verity of tank repair services and parts. In addition to their expertise in heating oil delivery and off-road / fleet fueling truck mount tank production and repair, the plant now offers specialized tank repair services for aluminum petroleum and dry bulk trailers as well as stainless steel tankers.

Tremcar employs over 200 people in the New England and in the mid-Eastern U.S. regions.