About Tremcar


Family owned business

Tremcar was founded in 1962 by the Tougas brothers, Aldé and Léo, under the name of A & L Tougas Ltd. The two brothers were welders by trade. The business specialized in the fabrication of stainless steel tankers trailers dedicated to the transportion of milk between the farms and the dairies of Québec. During the next few decades, the business grew with the expansion of the dairy industry in Quebec. At the end of the 1980’s, the business’s annual sales was about 3 million dollars. Today the company is selling across North America, creates jobs in the United States as well as in Western Canada and their annual sales has skyrocketed to 160 million dollars.

About us

Tremcar is located in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec approximately 30 miles from the Vermont boarders and 35 miles form the New York boarders.

Tremcar is the largest family owned manufacturer of tank trailer in North Americat. Its production output includes stainless steel farm pickup tanks trailers, stainless steel chemical tank trailers, stainless steel food grade tank trailers, aluminum dry bulk tank trailers, aluminum petroleum truck mounts, aluminum petroleum trailer, stainless steel and aluminum crude oil/ ethanol tank trailers, aluminum vacuum trailers or hot product/asphalt tank trailers among others.

Tremcar is part of the top 4 tank trailer manufacturer in North America serving close to 2 000 customers within its 6 manufacturing facilities located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu(Quebec), St Césaire (Québec), Toronto, London (Ontario), Strasburg (Ohio) and Haverhill (Massachusetts). It is the only North American manufacturer to offer the complete tool box to help you make the right choice: Tremcar offers leasing through its Tremcar Leasing- Location Tremlease and Tremlease. On top of the newly manufactured units, we also offer “used” units. Newly opened are repair facilities based in Weyburn and Saskatoon (Sakatchewan), Edmonton (Alberta), London (Ontario), Lévis (Québec) and Dover (Ohio).

With representatives and distributors all across North America, Tremcar is dedicated to answer your needs.